KSH Consulting’s mission is to assist clients in making positive, lasting improvements in their performance

We have the global insights, consultants and tools to offer objective analyses and sound solutions to various business problems for companies engaged in industrial processes including the pulp and paper, wood-processing, energy, biorefinery, chemical and environmental industries, governments, financial institutions, investors, lenders and sector organizations.

KSH Consulting services mirror industry drivers

Tools & Concepts

KSH Consulting’s capabilities rely primarily on the strong expertise and analytical skills of its consultants, its international network and its information base on products/markets, raw materials, existing capacity and the various process areas.

However, over the years, KSH Consulting customized its consulting approach through various in-house analytical models in the areas of transportation logistics, mass and energy balances, furnish optimisation, capital cost estimating, manufacturing cost estimating, financial analysis and cost benchmarking.

Project Planning Approach

With increasing risks and uncertainties, project planning and execution is increasingly critical and crucial to project success.
KSH uses the following study steps and phases when planning capital projects for Clients.

Study Steps & Phases when Planning Capital Projects