Food & beverage

KSH has been servicing this industry for over 40 years

The KSH group has been serving the food & beverage for more than 40 years. Our clients have ranged from large multinational companies to single site, regional food companies.

KSH-DEI has been particularly active in the beverage sector as well as in grain & oil seed milling and sugar & confectionery.

In addition to the food industry specific process engineering, KSH-DEI is implicated in all industrial services that are required.

KSH experience / expertise

・ Grain handling・ Malting・ Wet & dry milling・ Conching, mixing & blending・ Cooking・ Homogenizing ・ Fermentation・ Distillation・ Packaging・CIP・GMP・ Explosive powders・ Flammable liquids・ Refrigeration・ Industrial HVAC・ Wastewater treatment・ Air & odor emissions・ Power distribution ・ Steam systems