KSH’s core energy expertise is in thermal power

KSH’s core energy expertise is in thermal power, particularly combined heat and power plants (cogeneration) in process industries such as forest products, chemicals and steel. KSH develops, engineers and implements technically and environmentally sound thermal power plants optimised for specific sites and conditions.

KSH has provided services to the energy sector for decades with an emphasis on energy consumption reduction in the various process industries the company serves.

In addition, KSH tracks energy markets, regulations and the various initiatives associated with the growing climate change issue.

KSH experience / expertise
  • Coal, lignite and particularly biomass using bubbling and circulating fluidized bed combustion,
    grate firing , pulverized firing or gasification
  • Gas fired combined cycle power plants
  • Gas, oil and diesel fired power plants
  • Power generation and distribution systems
  • Water treatment, cooling systems, air systems, flue gas treatment and carbon storage
  • Biomass densification (drying, pelletization, steam explosion, torrefaction)