Energy intensive & technology driven
Basic chemicals, agricultural chemicals & industrial gases

The chemical industry is one of the largest industrial sectors comprising a wide array of subsections.

The pulp and paper industry is a large user of basic chemicals in pulping, bleaching, papermaking and water and wastewater treatment operations. Through its decades of involvement in the pulp and paper industry, KSH has developed a strong expertise in chemical handling and storage, chemical preparation and chemical plant design.

Over the years, KSH has expanded its services outside the pulp and paper industry with a focus on basic chemicals, agricultural chemicals and industrial gases, which are capital and energy intensive and technology driven.

KSH experience / expertise

・ Sodium hydroxide・ Sulphuric acid ・ Hydrochloric acid ・ Phosphoric acid ・ Sulphur dioxide
・ Sodium chlorate ・ Sodium chlorite ・ Carbon dioxide stripping ・ Ammonia & granular urea
・ Air separation processes O2 / N2 / CO / CO2 / H2 / O3